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Swiss Payroll For Contracting In Switzerland

Get on with your life – leave the rest to us

Our one-stop contractor management service includes, preparation of contracts, work permit administration, payroll solutions and tax optimisation, invoicing your client and, if an agent is involved, remittance of agency commission.

We also provide independent contractors with a number of value added services and deals to make your life in Switzerland pleasant and efficient, covering accommodation, mobility, insurances and healthcare.

See why Accurity is the the first choice for independent contractors in Switzerland. Services include contract preparation, permit administration, and more.

Financial Forecast

If you furnish us with a few details about yourself and your contract we can provide you a comprehensive forecast of what you will earn working through us as your employer of record, including details of your pension savings, your insurance cover, plus all Swiss social and tax deductions.

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Once you decide to proceed, we provide supply contracts to your client (plus any involved agency), and an employment contract to you. When these are countersigned we immediatly complete work permit formalities so you can begin your work. We provide you a step-by-step guide to how your payroll will work, including how to fill timesheets, how to manage your personal leave, how to register for benefit due to accident or sickness, what can be claimed as expenses and so on.

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Going on location

Although most contractors wish to make their own arrangements we have an extensive list of contacts for short and long term accommodation in many areas throughout Switzerland. Our team are experienced at helping you to a trouble free start, and have assembled the best answers to questions frequently asked by contractors coming to Switzerland. On joining us you will be provided with an information pack as well as a personal support contact for any more immediate questions.

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Monthly payroll

You send us your approved timesheet (online or excel). We pay your salary promptly on the pre-agreed payroll date. Your salary comprises a monthly basic, and any approved overtime, Sunday- or nightwork. We maintain a Profit Centre Account for you into which all invoiced income from your client for your work (less our commission) is paid and from which all payroll costs are deducted. Anything left over will be payrolled to you as bonus.

All your payroll information is available on our secure membership portal on the day you receive your salary payment.

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Offboarding or extending

When you leave us any remaining holiday earned not taken, and any remaining funds in your profit centre account are paid out with your final salary. If your contract is extended you continue to receive your monthly salary and we take care of any formalities regarding permit extensions.

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The benefits

Prompt Payment

We pay your salary promptly on an agreed date each month, regardless of when the client pays.


With Accurity you see all employment costs listed in your monthly Profit Centre statement, against your billed revenue. Anything left over after paying the regular salary is paid out to you as bonus.

We agree our most competitive fee with you in advance: we charge nothing that has not been agreed. There are no extra fees during, or at the end of your contract.

Maximum Retention

Accurity provides very competitive retention rates, through careful tax planning with monthly salaries and a choice of tax saving pension schemes. We have negotiated very low insurance premiums through our large volumes and longstanding claim statistics.

Monthly Salaries

As a professional contractor, Accurity pays you a fixed monthly salary, even if you take off any holiday entitlement (20-25 days per year plus Swiss public holidays)
This not only simplifies your financial planning but also optimises the source tax rates you pay by averaging income over the contract.

Swiss Compliant

In addition to the considerable flexibility we offer, Accurity is fully compliant with all Swiss employment, leasing and timekeeping laws.

We possess the required Swiss Federal licenses for personnel leasing, we comply with the Swiss Collective Employment Agreement for leased personnel, and are regularly audited by the Swiss authorities for all aspects of our contractor payroll and accounting.

Confidential, Private, Secure

Accurity uses well tried and tested secure IT processes, which are managed in house with local partners and subject to stringent security auditing. We never divulge your information to third parties, other than the standard information any employer must report to the Swiss social, tax and insurance providers.

Extensive Insurance Cover

With Accurity you benefit from fantastic insurance cover: for sickness for up to 80% of your salary from the 3rd day up to two years, regardless of the length of your contract, the same for accident from the first day (plus emergency recovery and treatment worldwide). You are additionally covered for 40% salary in case of disability until retirement.

We also cover you for days off to cope with a bereavement or birth in the family, your marriage and in case you need to move during your contract.

Accurity is protected by professional liability and legal insurance.

You are in control

From your individual profit centre account you can decide, within legal and financial boundaries, when you work and how much you are paid each month. Our payroll services team is directly accessible, in person, by phone or email at any time during Swiss office hours. They can advise you and provide simulations and forecasts when appropriate to assist with your financial planning.