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Agency Payroll Services in Switzerland

Swiss contractor management services – your business in safe hands

We provide your employment framework and payroll for your contractors in Switzerland. Our contractor management service includes, preparation of employee contracts, work permit administration, payroll with tax optimisation, client invoicing and remittance of agency commission to you. See why Accurity is the first choice for international recruitment agencies. Management services include contract preparation, permit administration, and more.

The benefits

Prompt Payment

We provide you regular commission reports and always pay your commission promptly once we receive the client payment.

Full Compliance

For your guaranteed peace of mind, we are and always have been fully compliant with Swiss recruitment, labour leasing and tax laws.

We possess the required bonded Swiss Federal licenses for Employment and Personnel Leasing, and are regularly audited by the Swiss authorities for all aspects of our payroll and accounting.

Sales Support

We understand an agent's need for fast and efficient support when closing a contract placement. We provide rapid forecasts to you and will contact your prospective candidates to walk through their payroll and its benefits to complement your sales activity.

We regard your success as vital to our success!

Confidentiality and non-competition

We fully respect the need for absolute confidentiality, no poaching and non competition. We are not an agency. All of our staff are contractually barred from revealing any details about your prospects to any other agency.

Highly competitive rates

Together with our competitive commission charges and industry leading retention rates for your contractors, you can offer top rates to your prospective contractors without having to unduly sacrifice your commission levels.

Financially Sound

Since payrolling is a highly leveraged activity, it is vital that your payroll provider is financially stable, and highly responsible, with adequate reserves.

Over the years Accurity has been able to build far more than adequate working capital, and we are proud of the fact that through sound forward looking financial and currency management we have never had a liquidity problem of any sort since our founding.

Comprehensive all risk cover

Accurity has established a portfolio of 3rd Party, Professional Indemnity, Legal and Cyber insurance that adequately covers all anticipated eventualities that could be associated with the contracting business.
We have extensive experience in dealing with all the human and commercial situations that can occur when recruiting and leasing services to Swiss clients. You can leave these in our good hands and focus on your business.