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Calculate your Swiss tax

Swiss tax rates vary depending on your canton of residence, marital status, whether your spouse is earning, and how many dependent children you have. If you register as a practicing member of a recognised religion in Switzerland you will also be charged church tax on top of the normal rate.

In common with many countries Swiss tax returns are complex. However if you come to Switzerland as a foreigner to work your employer will probably have to deduct tax at source (like P.A.Y.E. in the UK).

With the calculator below you can calculate how much sourcetax you can expect to pay depending on your monthly gross salary. Most people will come under rate A, B, or C. The cross border rates are for people living in a neighboring country and commuting – conditions apply, so please ask us if this applies to you.

For more about Swiss taxation please refer to our Swiss Tax FAQ. You can also calculate your net salary through Accurity online here.