Coronavirus Special Measures

Important Guidelines for all our employees

This page contains guidelines which are to be followed by all our employees in accordance with the Corvid-19 Ordnance 2 issued by the Swiss Federal Government on 16 March 2020. You will have been sent this link and will also be informed of any updates as the Federal Executive announces these in the coming weeks.

In all dealings with us and with our clients your safety and those of everyone else in Switzerland is paramount. Our office operations will continue to run under the normal schedule via distributed working. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

  • It is vital you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap or disinfectant on entry to your workplace and regularly throughout the day. Your client should provide you facilities to achieve this.
  • Your client must provide you with at least two metres separation from the next workplace. Physical gatherings of more than five people should be avoided.
  • Subject to the above minima, you should also adhere to any more stringent guidelines laid down by your client.
  • If you have problems with applying any of the above please contact us immediately.
  • We accept home working if your client wishes you to work from home. If you are issued equipment by the client it is their  responsibility to have the contractors sign a receipt for this. If you will incur extra cost working from home (e.g. increased communication charges, or materials) you should let us know in advance.  We shall require contractors to inform us in advance of such costs and then provide us with invoices against which we can bill the client and reimburse you.
  • Work time completed remotely can be reported and authorised as usual on client timesheets if these are online or by an Accurity timesheet if required. If a change to timesheet recording/ authorisation procedure is required please inform us.
  • You are responsible for ensuring you do not attend work while sick. In the event of sickness normal procedure applies: you must inform your client manager and Accurity that you are absent due to sickness and obtain a doctor’s certificate. You can obtain a certificate online or by telephone and need not attend the doctor’s surgery in person. Provided a doctor’s certificate is presented you will be paid by Accurity in accordance with the terms of your employment contract.
  • If you are in contact with persons who either test positive or have virus relevant symptoms you should self-quarantine to avoid endangering others. If you have good reason to self quarantine you must inform your client and Accurity. We will require details of the incident. You will continue to receive your salary from Accurity for the period of quarantine officially advised by the authorities at the time of occurrence.
  • If you are officially in a high risk group you must self-isolate and work from home. Please arrange this with your client manager and inform us. If you cannot work from home your denied work has to be paid and we will bill the client for this. The definition of those in the high risk group are all employees aged 65 or over, and anyone considered to be in a weakened state of health, for which they should obtain a declaration from their doctor and send this to us.
  • If your client decides to lay you off from work at their own behest (i.e. there are no specific grounds to withhold work from a particular contractor other than company policy) they will be billed for the time ordered in the supply contract and you will be paid accordingly. This continues until you are allowed to return to work, or until the end of your assignment (whichever occurs soonest).
  • Assignments may only be terminated either by employee or employer in accordance with the terms of the employment agreement. Notice periods will be honoured.
  • Contractors are to be treated in the workplace with regard to health and safety the same way as internal employees, and according to the latest directives published by the Swiss Federal Government.
  • Currently private travel and excursions are allowed, subject to the restrictions currently applied by the federal and cantonal authorities. this may change soon and at short notice but it is expected you will continue to be able to travel to and from your place of work.
  • Only vital facilities, e.g. food shops, health facilities, Chemists, stations, takeaways and hotels, are allowed to open. However the federal government assures adequate supplies of  basic food, medical and subsistence items: panic buying is not necessary.
  • Online shopping is not restricted but delivery times may be longer and capacity may reach its limit.
  • All cultural, sporting and social gatherings and events are cancelled. All schools and educational facilities are closed.
  • Swiss borders are controlled and restricted: if you are Swiss, have a residence or work permit (and can demonstrate you have work in Switzerland e.g. a letter or contract) you will be allowed to enter. Entry into neighbouring countries is controlled by those countries along similar lines. We can provide you a declaration of work on request.

We are contacting your client managers to ensure they are aware of these restrictions and will comply with the resulting workplace responsibilities. The above guidelines cover our understanding of the situation today as far as we are able and aware. These can change significantly at very short notice. As soon as we are aware of any such changes we will update this page and let you know by email. You are advised to check daily – the date in the title will tell you if the content has changed.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. For general questions about employment under this pandemic you can also use our coronavirus FAQ.

Please note the above information is provided according to our current understanding of the rapidly changing situation, without guarantee or warranty.