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Driving on the motorways in Switzerland is sometimes described as “driving on rails.” And with cars often travelling at a steady 120 km/hour all the way from one city to another, drivers in Switzerland would appear to want to strictly adhere to Swiss speed limit regulations.

While this can sometimes be frustrating for new drivers to Switzerland, these should also note, that there is not only a maximum speed limit of 120 km/hour motorways, but also a  minimum speed of 80 km/hour for motorway driving.


Additional rules

  • In addition to speed limits, there are other rules that must be followed when driving a vehicle anywhere in Switzerland. For instance, all cars must be equipped with the following:
    • High visibility vests (for each vehicle occupant).
    • An approved and up to date first aid kit.
    • A reflective warning triangle.
  • In addition to having a relevant and up to date insurance (Every car owner in Switzerland must be covered by car liability insurance in the event of accidents), the car owner must also purchase an insurance policy to register a car in Switzerland. The amount of coverage received is dependent on the type of policy taken out.





Road Tolls

There are no tolls to use individual stretches of the motorway network in Switzerland, unlike in some other European countries, but drivers in Switzerland should note that there is an annual Vignette sticker that every driver needs to purchase and display on their windscreens for using Swiss motorways.

As of 01 February 2023, the new Vignette must be clearly visible on the windscreen

The new motorway vignette is valid from 1. December 2022 until 31. January 2024 and can be obtained at most petrol stations and garages, at post office counters and at road traffic offices and customs offices. Buyer beware: If the vignette is not fixed and displayed correctly, a fine of CHF200 will be imposed.

Anyone wanting  to drive a car, motorbike, trailer, caravan, delivery van or camper (up to 3.5 tons) on Swiss motorways, will need to have a motorway vignette sticker. This costs CHF40 for one year, which represents great value given the comprehensive motorway network and myriad of tunnels and bridges. The vignette is not available in e-form yet, so the sticker is the only option for the driver currently.


Vignette 2023 Vorder- und Rückseite

Source: – Specimen images of 2023 motorway vignette


Please also note: If the driver has a vignette from the previous year still on the wind screen, this must also be removed.


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