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Acronyms and abbreviations are often used, simply because it takes less time to say or write out the full word. That works well when those communicating are addressing their peers. But acronyms can often be confusing when used in everyday communications and where the listener may not be that familiar with the specific terminology being used.

In the payroll sector, different acronyms can also have different interpretations depending on the audience. The Accurity Group works directly with Companies, Recruitment Agencies and Contractors and as such we are a Professional Employment Organisation – offering various employment services to our customers.



Employer of Record (EOR)

One of the core services offered by the Accurity Group is the Employer of Record or to use the industry Acronym – “EOR”.

  • The two main parties using EOR services are:
    • Companies looking to engage skilled workers for projects or assignments, but not wanting to employ these directly themselves at the current time. (Referred to as the “client” company).
    • Contractors or freelancers aiming to work for a client company on a specific project at an agreed rate for a stipulated period of time, but looking to be in an employed status so that they can pay into and benefit from social security, a pension plan and other obligatory health and sickness insurances.
  • Under EOR Accurity GmbH is the legal employer and it then leases (or seconds) contractors  to the client company.
  • The client company owns the day-to-day relationship with the contractor, managing and benefitting from their services. EOR clearly separates the responsibility of employer and line- or project manager.
  • In addition to projects and assignments, another reason for a client company wishing to engage workers under EOR status could be where the company making use of the contractor’s services, is perhaps too small or even new to the Swiss market and may not wish to take on the employer risk for a group of employees – or simply wishes to be distanced from employer risk.
  • EOR is becoming increasingly popular, as employers are faced with a growing number of compliance issues that get in the way of their core business activity and by removing employment challenges, this can offer major advantages for companies, one of which if focus on core activities.




Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

A provider of this type of service does not usually employ workers directly, but rather provides some of the services of the HR department, for example: payroll accounting.  However, as a SECO-licensed provider of employment services, Accurity does also provides EOR services as part of its employment services offer.

  • Generally, PEO services offered today can cover far more than just payroll accounting. This can include relocation, training, counselling, diversity management etc. The employee is directly employed by the client and not leased to them, as would be the case with EOR.
  • The Accurity Group provides these types of  services particularly in the support of the ANoBAG status for Swiss based employees of foreign companies.
  • Our consulting team also offers other PEO services which can be discussed individually with our customers.

Whether you are a client company already operating in Switzerland or looking to enter the Swiss market and require either EOR or PEO services, or a contractor looking to work for a Swiss or a foreign company while based in Switzerland or even be employed by a foreign company while living in Switzerland – or a recruitment agency looking to work with a Swiss SECO licensed PEO  – The Accurity Group can offer various solutions. 

As Switzerland’s most trusted payroll provider, Accurity GmbH has over 20 years’ experience providing specialists, contractors, clients and recruiters from all industry sectors, with the best advice and solutions thereby ensuring they make the right decisions in an innovative and changing world.

If you would like to speak with one of our team of experts, simply contact us now to see how we can make Switzerland easy for you!