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The Swiss social insurance premiums and limits have risen from 1st January 2021. 

In their 2021 Swiss payroll employees throughout Switzerland will see new premium rates. The following changes in the national figures for 2021, reveal a rise in AHV premium to finance the new paternity leave cover as was agreed in a 2020 national referendum:

Depending which social office the employer is registered with, there may also be changes in the employer contributions for family allowance and administration charges. Additionally the employer’s insurers may impose changes to the premiums for accident (UVG) and sickness (KTG) insurance, depending on a variety of market and risk factors.

The basic 2nd pillar pension (BVG) insured salary limits will rise slightly from 1 January 2021:

These rises will result in slightly higher salary cover, and correspondingly higher premiums for BVG pension in 2021.

Finally, for those paying income tax at source (mostly foreigners without a permanent residence permit) the source tax system, as well as rates and categories, are changing significantly in 2021 under a federal harmonisation of procedures across “all” 26 Swiss cantons.

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