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In our continuing look at the ICT Sector in Switzerland, here we examine which ICT positions are in demand, where they are located and what they typically pay.

The number of ICT positions open in Switzerland is growing exponentially and by 2026 the Swiss IT Sector will have a shortfall of 40’000 workers. Some estimates put this as high as 85’000. This means that Swiss based companies will have to continue sourcing talent from outside Switzerland in the form of contractors and project specialists – or even consider outsourcing and offshoring as a potential solution.

In terms of the main in-demand skillsets – currently from a total of 199’000 ICT workers in Switzerland 29% are employed as software developers, 15% as APP developers, 7% ICT engineers and 18% IT generalists.

ICT Professionals in CH

So where are the ICT jobs? There are two ICT sub-clusters in Switzerland: One in the western cantons and the second is based in the north east of Switzerland in Zurich.

According to a recent post on Switzerland Global Enterprise: “The Swiss divide their ICT cluster into two sub-clusters: Seven western cantons (Geneva, Valais, Vaud, Fribourg, Bern, Neuchatel, and Jura) constitute one sub-cluster. IT companies are particularly active in Bern, Geneva and Lausanne. The second sub-cluster is based in the north-east, in Zurich. This is where Google, Disney, IBM, Evernote and Kayak have their labs and research units. Canton authorities and specialised industry organisations are also closely involved in building connections between all cluster members and in accelerating business”.

From the total ICT sector, the most roles available are as software developers and analytic staff – with 36% of the open roles being for software developers.

Other trends include:

  • 12% of open roles are for data bank and network specialists
  • 30% of roles open are with IT Service providers
  • 20% of the ICT jobs will be covered by people from outside of Switzerland (16’700)


What are the average monthly salaries in ICT and does it matter where I am based?

Depending on which area you live and work in, rates of pay can differ – much the same as in other countries. Generally-speaking, salaries are typically higher in the German part of Switzerland (as are costs), and the actual role obviously plays a major part in determining the final salary – as a rule of thumb and according to– ICT professionals can expect to earn the following in Switzerland:

Salary Range –Salaries range from CHF64’500 per year (lowest average) to CHF203’000 per year (highest average whereby actual maximum salary could be higher).

Median Salary– is CHF119,000 per year, which means that half (50%) of people working in Information Technology are earning less than CHF119,000 per year, while the other half are earning more thanCHF 119,000 per year.

The Median Salary would typically be for a team leader or management role with software developers / analysts earning less at around CHF 9’100 per month. Salaries also vary drastically between different Information Technology careers.


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