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On 27 May Switzerland’s president Simonetta Sommaruga announced an end to the “extraordinary situation” and a return to the “new normal”, where responsibility for protection against a virus outbreak will be down to the cantons, local businesses and population.


Although Switzerland was one of the countries most affected per capita by the Coronavirus, there are now fewer then 1 person per million still infected, only 20 new daily infections and no statistically significant deaths, according to Health Minister Berset. Therefore the special rules remaining in force are designed primarily to prevent another uncontrolled outbreak, rather than for immediate personal protection. In this bulletin we cover the measures most relevant to contracted employees in Switzerland.

From May 30

  • Groups of up to 30 people will be able to gather, for example for football matches, picnics etc.

From June 6

  • Leisure and tourism, including public events of up to 300 people will be possible. For example cinemas & theatres, zoos, swimming pools, campsites and cable-cars can open from this date.
  • In restaurants rules are relaxed further subject to some social distancing rules. For example tables must still be two metres apart. Interior Affairs Minister Berset stressed the need to still  follow hygiene and social distancing rules, and for contact tracing in order to preempt another outbreak.

From June 8

  • Swiss companies will be able to recruit from the European Union, EFTA and third countries, and obtain permits under certain conditions.

From June 15

  • Borders with Germany, Austria and France will be open. Although Italy opens their borders from 3 June the Swiss border will not open until further notice.

People still at risk

Older people can now “resume a social life” and see their grandchildren. Employers need to continue ensuring protection for at risk people, allowing them to work from home, or guaranteeing their salary if this is not possible. For other employees, the government still recommends home working, which also eases the transport system. It is up to employers to decide.

For more information

The last bulletin from the Swiss Federal Health authority with more details in English is here.

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