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The new AA19 foreigner’s identity card in credit card format will be introduced in the Canton of Zurich. As of today the Immigration office are already adopting the new biometric procedure. All new permit applications will result in an appointment to attend the office for a photograph. This is designed to decrease the paperwork for foreign workers.

From 1 February 2020, the new foreigner’s identity card in credit card format will be introduced in the Canton of Zurich.

This card will apply to all EU/EFTA nationals (L, B, C cards), cross-border commuter permits (G card) and Ci cards.

All previously issued paper ID cards remain valid until their expiry date. A new card will be issued for new applications starting today.

Applications will continue to be processed by the residents’ local registration office or in the case of cross-border commuters directly by the Migration Office. However instead of including your own passport photo with the registration, customers will receive an appointment to have their facial image and signature recorded at the Migration Office. These data will be stored for five years.

As a rule, the identity card is sent directly to the customers and is no longer handed out by the residents’ registration office.

You can find answers to frequently asked questions and further information (in german) here. General information on work permits from Canton Zürich in English (or German) is here.


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