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According to a recent study by McKinsey, up to 162 million people in the U.S. and Europe (or 20-30% of the working population) work independently.

These trends haven’t passed by Switzerland where the business landscape is rapidly changing. This is being driven in part by an ageing Swiss population meaning there will be a severe lack of qualified professionals in the next 15 years. To add to the mix, the Swiss education system also finds itself in a period of change and according to Beat Zemp the President of the Swiss Teachers Association, “the lack of teachers is acute and will only get worse because many will soon be retiring while the number of pupils is growing”.

As a way of combating the lack of home-grown talent and according to a recent WEF report, businesses are set to increase their use of contractors for special projects or for specialist work. This will be amplified with some current roles becoming automated or made redundant, and there will also be a large-scale growth in new products and services, generated by new technologies and other social developments.

According to the Institute for the Future, in order to be successful in the coming decade, the working population will need to be able to navigate a changing business landscape and continually reassess and develop their skills. Workers of the future need to be adaptable lifelong learners as well as be flexible. This paves the way for the successful continuation and growth of the contractor model, which in essence satisfies the needs of companies for more flexibility and agility and will undoubtably offer the specialist skilled contractor increased opportunities going forward.


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