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Would you like to know what people earn in your position in Switzerland? The Swiss Federal Department of Economic Affairs now offers an online estimator based on recent national  salary data.

You can try this here >>

However, the gross salary is only part of the story. For a full financial picture you need to know how much you will end up with in your pocket after deduction of tax and social insurances. Tax varies considerably between the 26 Swiss cantons as well as with the level of salary. You can compare cantonal tax levels for your expected salary here >>

A good indicator of your final earnings from a job or contract in Switzerland can be obtained online here >>   The result will vary slightly between employer: please be aware the figures you obtain here are specific to Accurity and likely to be lower than many employers due to the volume of our business, and our long and low claims record for our employees’ sickness and accidents.

Further questions about working Switzerland? Take a look at our FAQ’s or  just ask us.

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