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As we built this interactive map it made us think again. Which countries are seeking to expand their skilled workforce, and which are diluting it? Poland for example, takes a higher proportion of skilled migrants than the UK. The country with the highest proportion of unskilled migrants was France! According to the figures, the UK remains the biggest overall destination for migrant workforce, with Germany following closely.

Interestingly, despite the anti-immigration policies proposed in the UK and the Brexit vote, the UK takes in more highly skilled workers than anywhere else. Germany, on the other hand, takes in the most low skilled.

The source for the data is the European Commission 2018. Switzerland was not included in the data as it is not an EU member. However Switzerland continues to suffer from a shortage of skilled workers with a significant number of vacancies left unfilled. With its liberal attitudes, multilingual & open society, reliable infrastructure, high standard of living, central location and numerous leisure activities in glorious landscapes it remains a very attractive destination for highly skilled professionals.

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